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What is D2DX?

D2DX stands for Datacenter to Datacenter Express and refers to high-speed physical and virtual cross-connect solutions that provide secure, dedicated network connections between two data centers.

A data center cross-connect solution like D2DX allows businesses to expand their infrastructure across multiple data centers while maintaining optimal performance and control. Companies can leverage the available network equipment and bandwidth at other data centers without having to build additional capacity.

D2DX enables data center cross-connectivity through physical cross-connects (PXCs) and virtual cross-connects (VXCs). PXCs provide dedicated fiber optic connections between two data centers while VXCs establish encrypted protocols over public network infrastructure. Both options deliver private, high-speed connections with low latency.

D2DX cross-connect solutions are recommended for companies that require redundancy, want to separate infrastructure across sites, or need to connect distributed workforce networks. The dedicated connections and customizable bandwidth ensure network traffic is optimized, mission-critical applications perform with minimal disruption, and security permissions provide granular control over connectivity.

As network architectures increase in complexity, D2DX provides a scalable cross-connect platform to manage hybrid cloud environments, disaster recovery plans, and inter-data center connectivity with minimal risks or overhead costs. D2DX offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of data center cross-connect services to simplify multi-site networks and enable digital transformation.

What are the key benefits of BrainShare D2DX?

D2DX provides network redundancy and disaster recovery. Physical and virtual cross-connects ensure continuity of operations if one data center loses connectivity or experiences an outage. Companies can store backups or critical systems in another data center, reducing risks to infrastructure and data.

D2DX enables scalability and flexibility. As networks grow, D2DX cross-connect solutions scale bandwidth and throughput to support evolving needs. They also offer flexibility to quickly adjust connectivity between sites as requirements change. This allows for efficient use of network equipment and optimal performance.

D2DX improves security and compliance. Dedicated, encrypted connections provide a private network infrastructure. Businesses maintain full control over network permissions and prevent unauthorized access. This helps companies meet strict security standards and regulatory compliance obligations.

D2DX reduces costs and complexity. Rather than building duplicate networking equipment and bandwidth across sites, D2DX leverages existing infrastructure to provide cross-connect functionality. This lowers capital and operating expenses while simplifying network management. Businesses save time and resources normally spent on additional hardware, software, and administrative overhead.

D2DX ensures optimal performance. Dedicated fiber optic connections and high-speed bandwidth deliver low latency, high throughput connectivity between data centers. This enables mission-critical applications to perform at their peak, support real-time business processes, and provide the best possible user experience. Application performance is not impacted by competing network traffic or public internet infrastructure.