To build its 10Gbps capable (and beyond) internet network, Ninext deployed the right digital infrastructure, including fibre optic cables, network points of presence, state-of-the-art hardware and capacity. Most importantly, we have the right team to drive it all. To ensure the network remains fault tolerant and secure, Ninext has built fully redundant infrastructure for maximum uptime.


10Gbps internet is an incredibly fast network connection, perfect for many simultaneous data-heavy operations - upstream, downstream, or a combination. Whether you need to deliver high-definition video conferencing and VR experiences to customers, deploy and support the latest AI technology, build a real-time data-intensive relationship with a partner, or outpace competitors in your product and service delivery, 10Gbps internet is the networking technology to help you achieve it..

IP Transit

Also known as “transit”, IP Transit is wholesale, BGP-enabled Internet for the use of ISPs, Carriers and large Enterprises with AS numbers. Ninext’s IP transit provides our full Internet routing plus other peers’ downstream routes. When comparing IP transit, some routes are better, some bandwidth capabilities better than others, some lower latency, and so on. We partner with Tier One providers to get the best domestic and international routes and peer inside some of Nigeria’s most popular data centres.


SD-WAN solutions provide an alternative to traditional WAN routers and are agnostic to WAN transport technologies. Software-defined WAN should provide dynamic, policy-based application path selection across multiple WAN connections. It should support service chaining for additional services such as security.

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